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Fire Safety Courses in Kanpur

Visionary Safety Solutions


Consulting with Purpose

Visionary Safety Solutions is a saturation of Central Institute of Fire & Safety Management, which is completely dedicated for the industrial commitment for rendering best in class trailblazing industrial safety solutions for the sectors like Iron & Steel, Textiles, Jute, Sugar, Cement, Paper, Petrochemical, Automobile, whereas Central Institute of Fire & Safety Management is now completely dedicated for Educational, Certification, research, analytical aspect of OHSMS where it is focused on up skilling of the competent personnel’s. Visionary Safety Solutions Pvt Ltd is committed to provide high quality, efficient and cost effective, expert OHSMS solutions and trailblazing services focused on ensuring clients needs and best interest; exceeding legislative requirements and standards in the field of OHSMS. We are capable to provide our best services for the technical, behavioral aspects of our clients dealing in Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, Building & Construction, E-commerce, Chemical Industries ranging from Petrochemicals, Refinery, Fertilizer, Pharmaceuticals, Power Sector, Specialty chemicals, Dairy, Metal and allied utilities service sector and many more & developed the framework which maximize their existing assets, mitigate risks and improve their systems lives in this ever evolving world of innovation, new technologies updating legislation, best practices. We ensure our quality services in the desired timeframe because of our Technocrats having multi-disciplinary expertise and experience in latest technologies improving OHSMS, Management experts having zeal and entrepreneurship to render ever-demanding systemic services in OHSMS management We see ourselves as one of the best innovators in the field of OHSMS, who strives for a multinational presence in the near future. Visionary safety Solutions Pvt Ltd, approaches the task with utmost professionalism, exceptional customer service, quality and value. We guarantee to be consistent with the professional services and advice to meet the best interests of our customers maintaining Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) confidentiality of their systems and business interest.

We are in a business where life is at constant risk. “Survivability comes first then profitability”




“To envision the solutions of the upcoming HSE challenges and challenging the existing ones”

“To guide the organization towards sustainable OHSMS through the complexity of standards, legislation implementation challenges towards a journey of safety excellence”.

Fire Hoses

  • Successfull completion of Emergency evacuation training with Mock Drill at Tirubala Exports (India) Pvt. ltd. (18 Oct 2022)

  • Successfull completion of Fire Fighting Training at Namaste India Foods limited. (17 Oct 2022)

  • Successfull completion of  First-Aid Training at Rehman Idustries. (13 Oct 2022)

  • Successfull completion of First-Aid Training in Mirjapur Solar Power Plant. (10 Oct 2022)

  • Successfull completion of Fire Fighting Training at Namaste India cattle Foods limited. (08 October 2022)


Since the beginning of the industrialization in India in 1854 India has estably grown its industrial production ability, and the liberalization, privatization and globalization happened in 1990 has catapulted India's production ability to the next level. Which successfully put India on the global maps for manufacturing ability. Since the inception of industrialization in India, Safety has been a paramount priority of the Indian union government, which is evident through, enacting the Indian Factories Act 1881, Workmen Compensation Act 1923, Environment Protection Act 1986, and others which were further amended down the line as necessary when required. This shows that the commitment of the industrialists, and the Indian union has only increased in a proportionate manner with the hazards posed by the manufacturing process. As of now India is aiming to be the manufacturing hub of the global market, which is only possible with the world class manufacturing process, machinery, management systems and Safe, Hygienic working environment ensuring a sustainable environment for which a robust and comprehensive Occupational Health Safety Management System is required. Visionary Safety Solutions Pvt. Ltd. understands the needs of the organization in varied sectors and ensures that all the commitments, objectives, Legislative, requirements are met to the satisfaction within the financial budget and timeline.

Take a look at the consultants who make "your safety Our Priority" & try to understand, the exampalary  thresold of the consultants in our chest. 

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